Monday, February 15, 2010


Every once in a while, one of those “if-you-are-my-friend-you-will-fill-out-this-note-and-send-it-back-to-me” forwards lands in my inbox. Always full of offbeat questions begging for honest, if not nosey, answers, I sheepishly admit they intrigue me. Predictably, one will ask, “What is your favorite day of the week?” After years of opening, reading, and even filling these out, it seems that most of my circle chooses either Friday or Saturday, making the question rather “blah” on the “How interesting is this?” scale, plopping itself right next to the “Have you ever had something you’d rather not remember but are asked to regurgitate (and therefore forever land) into cyber-land happen to you?” question. Let's face, it, there are a lot more interesting facts to drag out of our friends, aren't there?

But as for the, “What is your favorite day of the week?” question?

My answer is easy.

It’s Monday.

Maybe it’s from years of being an at-home-mom-housewife. Those of you in my shoes might understand how this all too dreaded day does bring an aspect of relief. Once our children are in school, Monday morning = big yellow bus = a few hours of quiet. Not to mention how the kitchen table and family room floor miraculously acquire the potential to remain spotless for the day.

Provided I choose to clean and neaten them after my morning cup of brewed beans.

But maybe it’s simpler than that. And maybe peace, quiet and a clean house aren't what makes "Monday" for me.

Monday, in my little corner of the world signifies a fresh start. An opportunity to begin again. A new day.

Without question, Monday begins a week full of promise. And, sure, sometimes the promises that lie ahead are ones we’d rather not keep, and may feel more like battles to be fought, but more times than not, there are gaps in the week, which we are free to fill as we choose even if the fleeting moments are only able to be filled with a few random thoughts, or even a dream. Whether an hour or a second, it truly is up to each of us how we choose to fill that free time. What we dwell on. How we plan to keeping moving forward, as opposed to remaining stagnant and invisible. Whether or not to choose to refresh ourselves so we can keep the momentum.

Whether it’s taking a brief moment for quiet reflection, or choosing to tackle something brand new, which might put our comfort zone a little over the edge, Monday offers so much promise and hope. It truly is a new day.

And for those weeks where bumps in the road are all that we seem to land on? There’s always Saturday.

Fresh start
New day
Time to
Wash away the old
Accomplish something positive

- poem by Julie Clark © 2009

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