Thursday, March 25, 2010

15 Minutes in the Dark

By all measure, January proved to be a busy month, keeping my mind whilrling from one opportunity to any number of in-my-face pressing realities. (How is is that laundry supernaturally multiplies, right in the middle of sorting it?) Too many times the pressure of the present overrides the prospect of a better tomorrow, clouding the ever pesky "to-do-list" pushing the things I want to accomplish further and further downward, to the brink of oblivion.

Thankfully, (to the exasperation of my husband) I am nothing if not persistent. And when something simmers in the background of my ever cluttered mind, it will eventually scream for attention, no matter how many other things in my life try to clamp the lid down on it.

Unfortunately, sometimes the rush and push of life takes over, and as much as we may strive to keep our mindset neat, tidy, and open, we may find ourselves in a place where shades are drawn, and we deny the realities that lie on the other side of the curtains. Whether it be in denial over a child's unwanted diagnosis (no matter how benign), digging our heels in to a long held point of view, or anything else - like the distraction of laundry and dishes, somehow, we'll land in the dark.

And if we're lucky, we'll only spend a moment or two there, choosing to search for the light, following it back to a better perspective of the situation that landed us there in the first place.

None of us should ever desire to cover our ears and shut our eyes to whatever any reality may be, no matter how uncomfortable, unwanted, or even simply unfamiliar, but if we do find ourselves in that place, may it only be for fifteen minutes, and may we become the stronger for it, learning, adapting, and choosing to continually move forward. Choosing the bigger picture.

Despite the fact that, in my case, the dreaded chore list continues to call my name.

Thankfully, steamy vanilla lattes scream louder.

And one's calling me now...

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