Monday, May 3, 2010

Pass the Coffee. Please.

It's a bad habit. I know that it is. Steaming, fragrant coffee with a splash of cream. No sugar. No sweeteners. Just moderately hot and refillable. And caffeinated.

Especially today. As I sit typing, I'm taking bets on how many cups and how many filters (non-bleached, of course), it will take to awaken from the weekend.

It really was a good weekend. Anything but boring. Then again, "middle school" and "boring" rarely fill the same sentence. Unless you are the middle schooler. And you are in class. Or home, listening to your parents talk about...well, anything.

For a handful of middle schoolers, last weekend was thrilling. Last weekend meant "field trip", an out of state, overnight, how-much-can-I-push-the-limits field trip. How can I sneak over here? How can I escape over there? How many times can I roll my eyes until the teacher catches me? How quickly can I spend all that cash? Sure, some were angels. Some were quiet. Some showed maturity well beyond, well...the others.

For us, the brave, the chaperones, it was an exercise in herding cats.

It's a funny thing. Somehow, once children turn into teens, they consistently and repeatedly announce to the world they are the new intellectuals. They do, indeed know everything. And they know it better than anyone over the age of thirty ever did - and ever will.

Despite the fact that 25 cent slime from a vending kiosk is super cool.

Especially when you wrap it around a drinking straw.

And so is seeing how many super stuffed chocolate candy infused cookies can be eaten in a quick stop for lunch.

And we weren't even "there" yet.

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