Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sneak Peak of Next Week's ArtFire Blog on a Mundane Studio Items of Mine

Hey everyone, here is a sneak peak at my blog, which will run on ArtFire next Wednesday. I'd love to know if you can relate to this! Have a great day!

Ok, I'll admit it. Some of the items that fill my studio are...boring. Like placemats and coasters. My daughter would add to that list. After all, she’s a teen, and does know more than I ever will. At the top of my list of the lackluster are long, lean bags, which fill my collection. Bags with a simple loop handle attached to each.

With moderate holes in the bottom.

No matter how hard I’ve tried to make them exciting, alluring, desirable, the fact can’t be changed that they are what they are. That thing you keep on your doorknob to keep plastic bags off the floor.

Unless you shove them in too firmly.

Plop. Drat.

In an age of “green”, plastic bags are a necessary nuisance for so many of us, still. So, I suppose, admitting we even have them is nothing most of us wish to shout from the street. Or admit that we make things that collect them. Like plastic bag holders, which my family has dubbed: BagBags.

But, alas, they remain. Nevertheless, they are quite useful, as they allow us to keep the grocery bags for reuse – and out of sight, adding a splash of personality to wherever we choose to store them. So, I’ll continue to make and create the “mundane”, striving to make them as striking as possible. After all, they are, well, practical.

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