Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Blarticle

A little while ago, while mulling over newsprint rapidly being replaced by pixels and power cords, I wondered what was happening to the grand ol’ article. In the old days (about a year or two ago, right?), whether for news, opinion, or simply something goofy to read, I’d grab a newspaper or the nearest magazine, plop on the couch and read…an article. Now I push the magic button, which lights up a thin screen, click a few keys and read my friend’s blog or a news story, depending on my mood.

And then it came to me.

Sometimes, I read a blog. Sometimes, I read an article. And I’ll be darned if I can always tell the difference. So, I decided to be brave, and coin a new term. From now on, I think I’ll refer to them all as “Blarticles”.

But a good friend of mine isn’t so sure I’m onto some vernacular breakthrough. He pointed out, only the way that an honest friend can, my new word sounds like those scratchy things that attach themselves to the bottom of a boat.



  1. Okay...perhaps I was hasty in characterizing your concept of a "blarticle" as a sort of sea pest that attaches itself to the hull of a second choice was "*n accidental escape of 'gas' normally resulting from strenuous movement after eating a breakfast burrito.". But I took the high road and that has made all the difference. Love you Jules!!!

  2. Mike, I think you nailed it the first time! :)

  3. I wasn't sure where to leave you a comment on your book Aspergers in Pink so I thought I would do it here.

    My daughter was diagnosed 2 weeks ago (she is 8) and your book was the first one I purchased. I have tears in my eyes as I type this. Thank you for writing this amazing book that helped me see my own daughter better. Your book will travel with me this summer as I begin my journey of teaching others in my own family about my own daughter.

  4. Morgan,
    Thank you so much for your touching comments! I am truly humbled. I'm glad to hear your daughter was diagnosed as early as she was. My daughter wanted to say she is glad we could help. :) Both K. and I wish your family all the best as you travel this path.
    Have a wonderful week!