Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just Stand Up

We did it. We took a quiet day and threw all sorts of spontaneous plans into it. A long car ride. A new ball park. A few other odds and ends in order to appease everyone on a hot July day.

And then we gave the news to our teen.

The teen who doesn’t like anything unexpected. Ever. Especially ballgames.

But she rose out of bed, to the challenge, knowing that we’d buy her the same old “this” at the brand new “that”, adding another ball to her collection, safe in the understanding we’d leave the park if things got to be a bit much. Aside from the loud speakers before the game began (they call them LOUD speakers for a reason, right?), it all went well.

Except for the roaches.

Apparently, one of the promotional games for the kids is to swat humans dressed in cock roach garb.



Later came the bumper boats. Somehow, I allowed her to talk me into climbing into one of those things, thinking all the while that at least I know how to swim. Because I was certain I was going to topple over. Then my astute teen pointed out the black on gold letters. The water is only three feet deep. And if I did fall in, I just needed to do what the sign – in bold face type – said.


Something so obvious applies to so many other situations, doesn’t it?


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