Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010 in Review

January: After years of kind people complimenting me on both my writing, quilts and other artworks, I decided to look into starting my own business. My husband, in turn, considered the start up process (aka, $$$) and decided to look into buying antacid by the case.

February: "Julie Clark Art" launched. More like a paper airplane than a jet, but, hey, you've got to start somewhere, right?

March: This blog came to life. Well, kind of. It's sort of my middle child; it needs more attention than I seem to give it. Poor thing.

April: Ok, it's fess up time. I'm sure something earth shattering happened during this month, but I'll be darned if I can remember a lick of it. I can blame it on age, having a teen, or all sorts of things. Then again, it could simply be that April was a quiet month. And I'm ok with that. Sometimes, excitement is just that. Others, it's a migraine waiting to happen, right?

May: Mr. FruFru turned two. I still can't believe we have a dog in the house. Neither can some friends who swear he's really a cat trapped in a dog's body. I think they might be onto something...

June: "Asperger's in Pink" was published (Future Horizons 2010). I continued to be humbled by the support, and encourage everyone to share their stories! We can only learn and grow if we chose to share and truly listen to one another.

July: Another 4th of July. Another night K prayed for rain so fireworks would be canceled anywhere within earshot. We've given up on expecting anyone to understand her aversion to them.

August: K started high school. So did another "Meet Asperger's" conference with her teaching team. *sigh*

September: After months of kicking and screaming, I signed up for Twitter. For a wordy person, such as myself, it's become somewhat of a cerebral challenge. I'm still not quite sure what to make of it, especially in 140 characters or less. Which this isn't.

October: I attended Future Horizons SuperConference in Charlotte, which was nothing short of incredible! It was also my first book signing, where I met several wonderful people. And, of course, out of respect for K, I didn't wear any shirts with buttons.

November: Guess who learned what a head ga$ket is, and how much it co$t$ to repair? I al$o learned that the initial diagnosi$ can be wrong, and $till co$t the $ame to fix. Nothing say$, "Happy Holiday$" like $pringing for an unexpected car repair... (That remind$ me, I need to ask $anta to $lap a bow on the hood Christmas Eve.)

December: December's story has yet to be written. And I like it that way. There's something to be said for "hope" and "promise". And for a year full of high's and low's, I'm hoping December will be filled with high notes.

Not just for me and my family, but for you, as well! Thank you for stopping by, and being part of what's made 2010 such an exciting-in-a-good-way year! Cheers!

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  1. OMG!OMG! I am so excited to have discovered your blog!!!! And your FB "Aspergers In Pink" page. Even though I am 49 yrs. old...I just LOVELOVELOVE that book! As an apie I am quite ageless and really DO relate to this awesome book! I am such a superfan!!!Wheeee, for my new discovery! I also love how you wrapped up the year so succinctly. YOU and K. Rawk!