Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January, already?

Wow, time flies, doesn't it? I decided to take time off over the Holidays, and relax a little (which, for me, is harder than it sounds). Then January 2011 came.

And so did the 2010 paperwork.

And inventory.

Then the snow came, which for our neck of the woods, stops pretty much everything in its tracks. The snow melted to ice, resulting in an entire week off from school – and a hard reminder that the person typing this blog needs a lesson or two in moms-who-work-from-home organizational skills. (Yeah, that’d be me. Got advice? I’ll take it!) Adding to last week was this Monday, leaving so much time off of school it felt like holiday week, without the cookies or presents.

Probably a good thing there were no cookies. My jeans aren’t too thrilled with how many I ate last month…

Anyway…I’m back, and hoping to treat this blog a little better than last year.

Here’s to 2011!


  1. The best advice I can give as a mom of 5 (still at home), home daycare provider, artistan, and make everything from scratch kind of person is breath and prioritize and breat again and hug those that are important to you and breath again...

  2. Thanks for the needed reminder to breathe! :) Also, I'm a "from scratch" person, too, so things like ordering dinner out or buying processed foods in order to save time doesn't work for us.