Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine’s Day Wish Lists

This past Holiday Season we tried, again, to convince our daughter that a wish list is not a checklist. Of course, she disagreed. And then followed up with a dissertation on the matter.

Our girl is an Aspergirl and quite frankly doesn’t see the point in giving anything to anyone that they do not want, nor anything not asked for (whether they’d want it or not). (She’s never been a fan of surprises.) She simply sees it as a waste of time and hard earned money. It’s hard for us to effectively convey the meaning behind much giving, but we keep trying. In the short term, though, it appears nothing more than fighting another losing battle of wit and words.

Then February hit, and my poor husband got the look that so many men get right around the middle of this month. You know the look. It’s the, “What does she want for Valentine’s Day?” look. The, “I had better get this right or else…” look. That Heart’s Day panic that women effortlessly wield over men like nothing else.

Truth be told in my earlier years, I had strong opinions on the matter. Flowers? You had to ask? Pink, please. Chocolate? I’ll take the larger box with the silk or velvet cover – and the words “economy size” better not be on the lid. And dinner? If I make it, there will be candles. If I don’t? Well, there will still be candles.

Now, I’m older, and my perspective has changed. I am much more into the meaning behind the day than the gifts and getting that overwhelm it. But don’t get me wrong, I do know what I like, but I also have zero interest in asking for – or even demanding – it.


I have to confess, though, that when the Holidays come ‘round this December, I’ll be a little more sensitive to the “wish” vs. “check” list discussion with my daughter, seeing as I’ve abided by that “unspoken law of womankind” for many years, myself.

But if he is reading, and does need a tiny suggestion, I suppose one hint wouldn’t hurt…


Lots and lots of chocolates.

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  1. You can never go wrong with chocolates ;) lol

    My young bloke gets stuck on the whole wish list/check list thing too. It can be very hard to get the idea out of his head that he'll get everything on his list.