Monday, April 11, 2011

Creative Mojo with Mark on Wednesday

Tomorrow, two of my favorite worlds connect, as art meets special needs on Creative Mojo internet radio with Mark Lipinski. He’s asked me to stop by for a few, and not only am I looking forward to it, I’m honored. If you are not familiar with Mark, you are in for a treat! Not only is he a fabulous quilter, fabric designer, former TV producer, and the creator of several magazines, he is also the parent of a special needs kid.

And he is a hoot!

We'll be chatting about all sorts of things, including whether or not having a special needs kid affects our creative processes and time, plus how to engage these awesome kids in the creative process.

The show airs LIVE on Wednesday, from 3-5pm EST at, and will be available later as a podcast. Mark's even known to take calls. Are you game? Here's how YOU can join us!

Call in to the show at (877)864-4869. Join in the chat by going to and logging in (got to love live chats!). Or tweet Mark (or me). His twitter handle is @marklipinski, mine is @JulieClarkArt. We'll both be on twitter, and Mark does respond to tweets during the show. Pretty awesome, huh?

We'd love it if you would tune in and join us!

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