Thursday, September 22, 2011

Change on My Mind

Change. I’m not quite sure if I like it. But there are times I definitely don’t.

Like yesterday.

When a bazillion cyber friends all decided they do not “like” the new changes on a certain social site with the big blue F.

Well, at least a handful of us old enough to have kids who wonder why we think this thing called “privacy” is such a big deal.

But there are other times when I welcome change. As summer fades to autumn’s warmth, I enjoy the colors and aromas that only this time of year can bring. And how many of us can confess that a new pair of shoes is always welcome! (It’s a girl thing. Even Kristina drools over the shoe aisle.)

This autumn, so much seems to be changing. Kristina continues to work on self-advocacy, and we can now envision the day when she no longer needs mom or dad at her side to help her. In fact, by the time high school draws to a close, there is the chance she may not need some of these meetings, at all. This is change we welcome.

Professionally, there are always changes to be had. My art business has now expanded to include a shop on Etsy. I am looking into possible speaking and other opportunities. And as Kristina is now older, I am contemplating whether or not to write that nextchapter.

But some things I never want to see change. Some things I crave to be forever constant. To hear my child’s laughter. To smell freshly brewed coffee each morning. Watching rust colored, golden leaves quietly tumbling to earth as pumpkins dot porches, homemade soup and fresh bread filling the kitchen. To feel the breeze that reminds me that sometimes a walk is all we need to put everything back in perspective.

And with so much change in the air, I feel I need a walk tonight.

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