Thursday, October 20, 2011

Have You Ever Done This?

I have a habit of taking on more than any sane person should. Currently, that means promoting Autism Asperger's awareness and understanding, creating and growing a small business, freelance work (writing), contemplating my next book, sketching out speaking ideas, learning and using social media for all sorts of applications (raise your hand if you know what a time hog social media can be!), taking care of my family (can you say "Mom's Taxi Cab Service" or "Bank of Mom"?) and everything else in between.

Oh, yeah, there are windows and floors to clean, too. But don't cobwebs simply add to the theme of October?

The other night, I looked at the clock and it glared back at me. I really, really wanted to sit down and relax a bit before bedtime, which was only an hour or so away. But dishes were in the sink. About 10-15 minutes worth. Not the end of the world by any means, but I was tired and then it hit me.

Why didn't I ask for help?

For help from my...gasp...teen.

She can wash dishes. Heaven knows she does other chores, so why do I always choose to do them instead of getting her into the dish washing rotation? So I asked her. And I got the glare. Then the excuses. Then the *sigh*.

And she did them.

And she honestly did not complain one bit.

There are many things over the course of her life she either has needed assistance with, or her gross motor skills make difficult for her to do. Washing anything made of glass, for example, has been a recipe for disaster, as we're still working on coordination in that area. And I have an antique, fairly thick now chipped tea glass to attest to that fact.

How she managed to chip that is still a mystery. But she did - while simply removing it from the previously functioning dishwasher.

But if I'm honest with myself, I have to admit that there are many times I should ask her to do more than I do. That I should increase her responsibilities. That I need to chose to give her even more than she (or I) think she might be capable of handling. My task is to get her to grow. And she won't grow if I allow her to stay stagnant, will she?

So, have you ever done this? Done too much for your child, for any reason, instead of letting them pitch in and help? These kids are growing up, and it's up to us to help them be the responsible, hard working adults we all know they are capable of becoming.

Give them a chance to pitch in. It's good all around!

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