Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December is Here!

Wow, can you believe December is here, already? For the first time in years, we are actually "on schedule".

I think.

Most presents are purchased. The family get-together is all set. My last arts/crafts show of the season is this weekend. All (known) commitments are inked on the kitchen calendar. We're in good shape.

Figuratively speaking.

But not talking about my figure, here. It's fat-pants season in my house, no matter how many years I swear I'm not pulling those things out, again. (Darned sweet tooth!)

One thing that has me feeling more relaxed this Holiday season is the fact that we sat down as a family and discussed our plans from now until New Year's. Kristina knows what to expect, and that's half the battle in helping her enjoy the season. Not only is she not a fan of surprises, just like us, she isn't a fan of disappointment, either. Knowing certain days are filled makes it easier for her when she wants to ask to do something special. It's easier for her to realize ahead of time that Monday won't work for a trip to the Smoothie store because Dad has a meeting and mom has work due. If she asks, then we announce our plans, she often takes it personally, as most Aspies do.

So, are you ready for December? There's still time to sit down with the calendar. :)


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