Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Asperger’s in Pink on Facebook

Not too long after Asperger’s in Pink was published, I started a (minutely) small business. Shortly afterward, a Facebook page appeared for each, along with this blog, which was used for both. But promoting Asperger’s awareness while growing a small artisan business eventually meant the two needed their own spaces. If you regularly read this blog (many thanks!), you already know I recently started a new blog, One Clever Cottage, which focuses on life, living and “Julie Clark Art”, keeping this one’s focus mainly on Asperger’s.

Say “Julie Clark Art” three times fast, and it sounds like “aardvark”…

Or a barking froufrou dog.

Yeah, should have thought of that before I started out, huh?

Live and learn.

As much as running two blogs seems like even more work, it’s actually very freeing and has reenergized me! In fact, I want to take a moment to talk about Asperger’s in Pink on Facebook. Have you checked out “the Page”? It’s meant to be interactive. It’s meant to be a place where we can talk, grow, and learn from each other. Have a question? Ask it! If other mom’s don’t see it, I will try to repost it. Have Asperger’s, and want to give your viewpoint on anything? Please do! Want to share a relevant link – or even something that put a smile on your face? Asperger’s in Pink on Facebook is meant to be a positive place to land.

Do you have Asperger’s, and don’t like how others talk about you, as if you have something “wrong”? One thing I am very sensitive about it taking an “us vs. them” approach when talking Asperger’s. “They” are people. “You” are a person. “We” are no better, no smarter. In fact, some of “us” may have Asperger’s, too.

I’d be honored if you’d join the page, and share it with others. It’s open to all – moms, dads, teachers, Aspergirls – and boys.

See you over on “the Page!”

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