Tuesday, January 10, 2012

She Blogged

Right before Christmas, in the middle of everything hectic, my daughter was busy typing. And I missed it. See, I've been asking her for months to put up a new post on her blog.

In teen terms, I was nagging. And in a teen's world, if mom nags, the response is to refuse to cooperate, right?


So, during the holiday break, I asked her - for the gazillionth time - if she'd blog. Then she smirked at me. Well, I think it was a smirk. At any rate, she said that she had - over a week ago - and I missed it.

In the past I've screened her would-be posts (which never made it to the screen) as they've been a little...uh...direct, but this time, it was sitting in cyberspace for days, so I did what a mom would do in my position. I held my breath and read it.

And tried not to cry.

I'm so proud of her, on so many levels. Curious? Take a moment (if you haven't already!), click HERE and read her post, and you'll see why!

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