Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Need Your Voice

I need your voice.

Last month, you were so kind to read, RT and share my blog, and this month I'd like to hear from you! In February, I am honored to be speaking at the Autism Society of North Carolina's annual conference in Charlotte, NC. The weekend theme is, "Autism Grows Up", and I will be speaking mainly on girls on the autism spectrum.

I need your voice.

True, I have years of knowledge and experience to share, but I've found the sounds that resonate most deeply are the ones that come from those whose voices rarely have a platform to be heard. I'd be honored to share your experiences and address your questions during my talk.

Are you in?

Here's what I'm looking for:
  1. If you are a female on the autism spectrum, I'd be honored to hear:
    1. you feel your experience is different from guys.
    2. having autism/Asperger's makes you amazing!
    3. thing you'd like others to understand about having autism. (This is a great opportunity to clear up myths and misunderstandings.)
  2. If you are a parent or sibling, I'd love the same as above.
  3. If you are an educator, I'd love to hear:
    1. tip that will help parents have a positive relationship with the school.
    2. misunderstanding many parents have regarding the school.
    3. question you would like addressed about autism and girls.
What I need from you:
  1. If you want your name included - tell me - otherwise all quotes will be anonymous - as well as your (rough) age, and age of diagnosis (if applicable).
  2. Understand that due to time constraints I am unable to address all questions or quote everyone, but will do my best.
  3. Due to time, I may need to paraphrase stories. 
How to contact me? Easy!:
  1. Post your comment below (and make a note of PRIVATE if you do not want it published.)
  2. Email me directly.
  3. Tweet me!
  4. Post on Facebook to either:
    1. Asperger's in Pink's page or...
    2. My author page. (This page is relatively new, and you are welcome to "like" and share!)
Are you in? Will you lend me your voice to share with the world?


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