Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5 Tips for Autism on a Budget

Do you live in the States? Did you open up your paycheck yet? Ouch!

So many had no idea there would be less to take home this year. Even if you did, for many families, the 2% increase in SS tax (or lapse of the "discount") is painful. If you have a special needs child, chances are it's even harder. For many families, we're talking a loss of $100 or so per month. Add to that rising copays ($70 per visit for many); it's an added stress, finding many at a loss as to what to do to make ends meet.

Are you looking for some ideas? Let’s get started with 5 tips!

1.       Drop the cable. Ok, I can hear screams all the way to my house on this one! Seriously, folks, how much does that bill cost? Multiply that by 12 and you’ll see how much it really is. (Yes, I do realize in some parts of the country, cable is not optional. But add-ons surely are.)
2.       Forget the Fast Food. More screaming? I know, with schedules all over the map, eating out can be a time saver. But eating in can be just as quick and easy, and cost a lot less. A can of refried beans, salsa, tortillas, cheese and a bag of shredded lettuce – and we have dinner for a family of four for under $10! (And chances are you’ll have leftover cheese for another meal or two. Bonus!)
3.       Take-Home Therapy. Are there techniques your therapist can teach you that will allow you to do some interim therapy at home? Worth a chance to ask!
4.       Choose Quality over Quantity. It’s better to spend a little more on one or two good quality pairs of shoes, jeans, etc., than have a closet full of trendy ones that will wear out before the season is over with.
5.       Have a Family Night at Home. Choose one night a week for family time. Board games, movies – whatever your family enjoys dong together. Throw in homemade pizza or subs for a meal, too! Not only will you save on movie or game tickets, gas and more, but you will build a foundation that will outlast any financial storms. You’ll be building lasting, positive memories and bonds that will last a lifetime!

Do you have any tips to share?

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