Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Myth Busting Weekend Ahead!

Hi everyone! Are you looking forward to this weekend? I surely am! As you know, I am honored to be speaking on Saturday at the Annual Conference of the Autism Society of North Carolina. The entire weekend is devoted to "Autism Grows Up!" Woot! Yes it does, doesn't it?

Who else will be there?

Peter Gerhardt, Ed. D.
John Thomas, M.Ed.
Leica Anzaldo and Louise Southern
Linda Gund Anderson and Brent Anderson

I can't wait to listen to everyone who will be presenting. There is always so much to learn, isn't there?

What will I be speaking about? Glad you asked! We'll talk about raising a girl on the autism spectrum - and we'll be busting some myths along the way!

Are you coming? I hope to see you there! Can't make it? The next series of posts will cover some of the themes we'll be touching on this weekend. you have any myths you'd like to bust about autism! Post them in the comments below!


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