Excerpts, with Link to Reviews of Asperger's in Pink

by Kid's Companions   
"After having read Asperger’s in PINK, you should be a stronger person, a better advocate armed with more knowledge and hope. A person, like Julie Clark, with a light at the end of your tunnel and with no regrets because you have figured out what is really important in life and with all your being you work to make this happen: 'I so hope, with all my being, that she will grow up to be happy, healthy, successful and loved by others.' ” - Lorna D'Entremont

Autism Society of Ohio
"Ms. Clark has a fantastic writing style that makes her book both informative and entertaining with a lot of visuals." - Bonnie Kimpling-Kelly

Special Needs Almanac
"While this book is written by a parent, it is not just another collection of 'look what we went through, our life is so hard' stories. This author goes well beyond anecdotes and teaches important information in an articulate, intelligent manner. She has walked your path and can discuss it intellectually as well as passionately."

S-O-S Research Blog
"This book was written with the girl with Asperger’s in mind, because that is what the author is raising. But don’t be misled by the title. Julie describes her experience with obtaining a diagnosis for her daughter. She details the process of working with school officials and her daughter’s experiences within the educational system. All of these areas are also relevant for raising a boy with Asperger’s." - Danette

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